New Fitness IG Page… *nerves*

New Fitness IG Page... *nerves*

So I posted my sister and I new IG fitness page today— Can we say EXCITED!!! with a hint of nervous —I guess because promoting ourselves is so…”putting it out there for the WORLD to see!” So what is KickAssFitness365 mean? Lets be real honest….everybody “works out” 365 days of the year whether they know it or not. You walk every day don’t you? OK then…. that’s burning calories! Most people go to the gym EVERY DAY some fewer days than others. But regardless whether you are multi-tasking at work or Home, Cleaning, Chasing the kids, lifting, walking, running, overall movement is burning calories. We just added KickAss because well….. When your on the move and getting shit done your kicking ass and taking names don’t you agree? KickAss is all about Progress, Determination, Power, Action, Making shit happen or getting shit DONE!

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