Pessimistic to Optimistic


I use to have a fear, doubt, or just an overall terrible outlook on life! It’s a terrifying world we live in and you never know if you will wake up to see another day. I have never been a risk taker because I would observe the people around me ; friends and family , and make their negative outcome of a situation become mine. But who’s to say my outcome of anything relationships, career move, relocation, e.t.c would even have a negative outcome? It’s always a possibility but I never viewed negative and positive as a 50/50 possibility… I always felt negative outcomes were a 100% chance of something bad to happen or occur. Nobody likes rejection or failure.  I lived my life in fear for nearly 29 yrs. What was my wake up call. Time……………. Time waits for nobody and as I was completely wasting my time living my life through other people’s journey that I never took the time to start mine. Of course there’s hardships and disappointments but hell that’s LIFE! Without failure you do not LEARN …without disappointments you do not GROW!! …. Time comes and goes and what you do with it determines your direction in life. It’s all about choices and positive influences. When you surround yourself with positive energy it’s a confidence you develop within yourself to the point where no matter what the outcome is….you accept it…you embrace it…you make the most out of it. You decide and you choose to define that outcome as a negative impact or positive one…’s a choice to be optimistic …..

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