I just want to …….BYOB (Be My Own Boss)

Corporate America

I’m so SICK of the……………

* 8AM- 5PM

* 30 min- 1hr lunches (only)

* The mircro-managing, monitoring

* The write -ups of performance reviews, being tardy, being out sick or off work too much, petty ish altogether

* Submitting vacation or leave request for approval to be OFF of work

*Waiting on the approval for forever to be approved for leave off request

*NOT getting approved for leave off request

* Telling me what to wear or not to wear—must be in full uniform, must wear certain business attire, must wear your badge, no slides, no flip flops, no jeans, dress and skirts must be a certain length.

* The Directors and VPs that treat you differently ( because I’m not on there level)

* Deadlines

* Skipping lunches , coming in early, or staying late/overtime  to MEET the deadlines

* Overloads of paperwork

* customer service altogether

* overtime


* meetings

* emails that your CC on that don’t apply to you or emails that are unnecessary

* presentations

* the corny jokes and laughs to break the ice

*the bickering and gossip between coworkers

*the negativity

* Office/ cubicles

I could go on and on about WHY I dislike corporate america. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my paycheck but let’s all be honest we are NEVER satisfied with our salary. Even the richest people are never satisfied with their money.

I am thankful and grateful to have a job, I know there are many others out there who would LOVE to be in my shoes ( and in my shoes I mean just simply having a job) but I would love to be able to just roll out of bed when I want and look at my bank account and say ” oh, I made a $5,000 today” Yes I know the WORK that is required to get to that feeling! I know the grind and dedication that will require such success! I’m working on it. I just think next lifetime, everyone should be BORN with a million dollars…lol… I mean why can’t everyone “have it easy” or “be born into money” like a lot of people are.

I’ll admit I don’t have a degree. I don’t plan to get one either…I don’t want student loans, to spend my Friday nights writing 20 page long essays about the moon and the stars, reading textbooks and books, nor lab or group projects about things that DON’T apply to me. WASTE. OF. TIME. ….and MONEY for that matter. Give me a career where I can change LIVES by common sense! Why do you think I (insert heart here) FITNESS and HEALTH!

Jobs and Careers these days are all about who you know and what you know. I think it’s terrible that in order to get the money you deserve, you have to have “degree” on your resume. That’s just dumb. I’ve worked with people who didn’t even know how to send an email or open up an attachment but gets paid more than me because they have a “degree.” …WOMP WOMP

In conclusion….lol —- and thanks for allowing me to rant if you are reading this but flat Corporate America is NOT LIFE PEOPLE! ( yes I am currently working for corporate america as we speak) lol BUT I am proud to say I am developing in my own business…. little by little things come together. I don’t report to nobody, I set my own hours, and most importantly I AM CHANGING LIVES!!!

BeachBody Coach

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