3 Day Refresh Update!!

Ok so on Sunday I had completed the 3 day Refresh! 

I started on a Friday for a reason. TO FIGHT THE WEEKEND TEMPTATION OF EATING HORRIBLE! It was only tough on Saturday because my BEST friend had her birthday dinner at a Mexican Cuisine Restaraunt! ( mind you Mexican food is my absolute WEAKNESS). So I stayed for their appetizers, while I drank water, I stayed for their drinks, while I drank more water, and I sat through the good conversations…WHILE I DRANK MY 3RD GLASS OF WATER. 

By the time their food came out, not ONLY did I have to use the restroom for ALL of the water I consumed but I decided instead of watching them eat their delicious enchiladas, tamales, burritos, tostadas, chips and salsa, e.t.c…. it was time for me to GO!! 

lol!!    with that being said, here are my results. Down 1.2lbs and I have to say I am HAPPY with those results. Being able to cleanse and rid all of the toxins in my body is the  most refreshing and satisfying feeling. It feels GREAT to feel LIGHT! 

Results vary for different people. I have a friend who lost 9lbs on this cleanse. I always look at it as a lost is a lost and the 3 day Refresh is a GREAT and SAFE cleanse. I didn’t feel sluggish, I still had my source of proteins, and the recipes provided in the meal guide were great suggestions! 

If you would like to join my challenge group of the 3 Day refresh on April 30th please fee free to contact me




3 fay refresh

3 day Refresh

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