Beach Body Super Sunday!

Sunday April 26th I got the pleasure to attend a Beach Body Conference Training right here in Dallas!

Great motivational speakers that have inspired me to KEEP PRESSING on in this business!!
AND not to mention we got to preview the new program coming to Beach Body called CIZE by Shaun T! This was SO much fun! And I can’t wait for you to experience it!


I am surrounded by NOTHING but success and a wonderful Fitness FAMILY!

BEach Body

They asked me what is my goal for the Month of May 2015!!! — Well I’m going for Emerald!!! That is the next step up and another step closer to being a Diamond!!


How do I reach this goal?!
Well I am looking for COACHES to join my TeamGetRight Team!!!
Ask me how you to can motivate and support others in their weight loss journey simply by telling your weight loss story ( using several Beach Body Products)
OR maybe you would like to get started on one of our awesome programs along with experiencing the life changer drink SHAKEOLOGY!

Email me for details!!

Why not Be Your Own Boss?!!!

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