Hiring Team Beach Body Coaches Today!!

Interested in inspiring and motivating others on their weight loss journey?!

I would LOVE for you to join my TeamGetRight Squad!
Ask me how you can join in on changing lives while getting Fit and MAKING MONEY!!!

Join for the Beach Body coach discount!!

As a Beachbody coach, you get 25% off any order. ( Programs, Supplements, Merchandise EVERYTHING)

The 25% is even more beneficial to Shakeology Customers. You can save approximately $25 on Shakeology each month!!

Don’t let the title “Coach” scare you!!

If you are interested in taking this business to top level I, along with a lot of Beach Body coaches are here to help you! If you just want the discount and be a regular client, then that is fine as well! Just because you sign up as a Discount Coach does NOT mean you have to actively help others!

Believe it or not, nearly 75% of Beach Coaches are Discount Coaches!

How much does it cost to sign up?

You can sign up for a ONE time start up fee of $39.95 but if your already enrolled or interested in trying Shakeology and maybe want to try a new program its best to sign up with a Challenge Pack! ( ie, you have the 21 Day Fix so maybe you want to get the 21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge pack)
Challenge packs are also discounted below coach price!

Each month is a $15.95 to maintain your coaching status, but if you are on Shakeology you’ll still be saving nearly $25 a month!

Customers – $129.95 + $14.95 ( shipping) = $144.89 ( without Home Direct) or ( $131.95 WITH home direct)
Coaches – $97.46 + $2.50 ( shipping and tax) + $15.95 coach fee = $115.91 ( YOUR STILL SAVING AS A COACH)

Discount coach

SO if you are ready to MAKE and/or SAVE some MONEY!!!
Email Me: Essence.Williams1@yahoo.com


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