Love My Imperfections…..

Love My Imperfections… 

I actually have this tattoo on my shoulder as a statement. Not a “Note To Self ” type of reminder because I am going to LOVE ME regardless but it is a statement to those who don’t know me. I am an ALL or NOTHING type of woman. And you must Love who I am deeper than the things that may LOOK perfect. 


You know that saying ” I am not perfect” and “Looks can be deceiving?”  — well believe me when I say not everything is always what it seems. I am Human. I make mistakes. I have burdens. I have sadness. I have failed. I have insecure moments. WE ALL DO!  But what I have learned about myself  over the years, is that I am LIVING, LAUGHING, LOVING, & LEARNING!

I am Evolving…. And It’s SO Damn Beautiful…… 

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