Fro-Fit- Career journey!

Well my natural hair and my body are 2 things I am currently working on as we speak!Ess2  I REALLY want a HUGE natural fro as well as wanting my body to be as LEAN as possible!  I’m working on it! But so far I’m loving the progress and LOVE the way I feel.

Aside from all of that— THE most important thing in my life is to find my WHY and my purpose on earth! I adore fitness it is my LIFE and love to help people with their fitness goals and journey, but the beginning of this career change has been discouraging. I am not expecting to earn thousands of dollars right off the bat that has NEVER been my expectations. I think my biggest challenge is earning clientele’s TRUST.

EssI will leave those thoughts at that…… just know that I am working hard on this career move and I feel in my heart I could be GREAT!  It’s going to take 101% dedication and I know at times I will fail. But I also know that I will learn from those failures. It’s the only way to grow right?!


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