Bloated…. lol

ok so if you read my previous blog you will know that I have just came back from 2 back to back vacations…..

now when I go on vacation –“eating healthy” is OUT OF THE QUESTION! lol


( Room Service Breakfast EVERY MORNING)

DR breakfast

Food from DR Conch Turk-drink

Yes I am a health freak… but I do believe in enjoying fattening foods in MODERATION!

( Many different foods I had in Dominican Republic)

( Fried Conch in the Bahamas with a pina colada)


Now that I am back on my fitness and healthy eating I have been fighting BLOAT for a week now! UGH!! AND I gained 4lbs!!

bloat pic


With that being said, I have been back at it to get on my grind to eating clean and healthy —- I must say each day I feel better and better— but man — it’s been a week

grocery shopping

Working out was probably THE TOUGHEST to get back into but hey—this is a lifestyle that will never be temporary!

I have absolutely NO regrets to the foods I ate while on vacation… hey that’s what LIFE is all about! …plus… I’m human!yogurt-shake-banana

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