Vacays Vs Reality


Well what can I say… I absolutely LOVE to travel! Over the last 2 months I have had the opportunity to go to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Nassau, Bahamas, and Grand Turk. I was able to go Ziplining, horseback riding, eat everything in site, drink unlimited, enjoy the sunny ocean beach, and just overall INDULGE!

DR collageTurk-Bahamas collage

Traveling to me is like escaping my reality to another place that I would love to BE my reality all the time.

Why can’t I have free room service every day?  Walk to the beach right outside my door? or better yet forget about the problems, my job, or the bills sitting on my kitchen table? Why can’t this be my actual reality?

Well Iet’s just be real. EVERYONE has bills so that’s not going away. And NOTHING in life is free so the room service every day is out of the question. But to have the luxury to be able to indulge in a great view with no worries,  well that’s the kind of reality anyone can have…. If you hustle for it of course.

I am 31 yrs old. I know EXACTLY what I would love to be doing every day. That’s assist people with their weight loss goals and overall contribute to end obesity that exist in our society today. However, I want to do all those things sitting on a lawn chair on the beach or sitting on boat with a protein shake in one hand with a bowl of fruit and happily in my swim suite. Sun shining, with a slight breeze through my hair.

Why can’t this be my reality?


oh I know ….lack of ambition not to mention procrastination….

I don’t know what is up with me over the last few months but this girl has been LAZY! yes…I’ll admit it…. I started off the year with so much planned…but now all I look forward to is my next vacation to escape my reality.


All I know is–and I hate this old fashioned saying….  but  I am not getting any younger. I always feel like my goals and what I want out of life is so far fetched or too complicated. But I CAN NOT feel this way at the age of 31— I MUST do something about it —- get off MY lazy ass and change my grateful LIFE ( and I say grateful life because I am blessed to have job, a home to go home, and my health )   to that REALITY I always tend to escape TO.

I’m not greedy, or ungrateful… I just want MORE!


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