You Are a BadAss!!

So I have started this book months ago and being the book worm that I am, I am VERY surprised I have not finished this book as of yet. When I read it I CAN NOT put it down! It’s probably one of the best self development books I have EVER read in my life on such a spiritual and on a very mental CLARITY level.

You Are book

This book goes in on how you should basically stop doubting your GREATNESS and live the life you are set out to have!

Jen Sencero really gives you an outlook on life that will make you question WHAT AM I DOING EVERY DAY? and WHY AM I DOING THIS EVERY DAY? she puts certain aspects in your life in a perspective of such a very POSITIVE energy source that will make you feel like you can DO ANYTHING in life! ……..and honestly you CAN… hell WE ALL CAN!

The question is …what are you ( and I ) waiting for? It’s not going to be handed to us… and unless you are one lucky person that wins the lottery or born into money well then you ( and I) HAVE to go out and CREATE our happiness!


and all we have to do is start by simply:

  • Changing your attitude
  • Being more positive
  • Being Grateful and thankful GENUINELY
  • Giving Back/Helping others
  • Surround yourself with positive influences
  • Speaking your vision/dreams into existence

Great things will happen in your life if you make the simplest changes to your life and mentality. I am witness… there are things that have happened to me this year that I cannot believe took place! I don’t question it, I just be thankful and accept the good source of energy that was brought to me.

Ok so I am human… we all get down at times, we all experience negative attitudes/moments….. it happens. we are not perfect and a smile from me EVERY day will always be a part of MY dress code however, not everything is always what it seems. And to that, and those who go through stressful/negative moments—- keep your heads up! Cloudy days don’t last always… soon the sun shines but it’s on YOU to pick yourself up and get back into that good positive vibe/energy.

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