Transformation Tuesday Motivation!!

I always like to reflect back to when I was 184lbs. A VERY and still humble person but with a lot of insecurities. People may think 184lbs is NOTHING but  at 5’3 TALL lol that can be a lot of weight on someone who is short. I was very wide or what most people call “thick” or put it in a nicer way ” Carry my weight well.”   You could never tell in my clothes because I wore clothes that did not show off my figure. Larges and Extra larges were my friend. I wore a size 13 in pants but one thing I could not hide was my face. My face was so chunky and round I felt like a cabbage patch kid ( no joke lol) Before and After

Flipping forward to 138lbs ( let me be truthful — because I have gained about 5lbs that I need to lose ASAP and I don’t need your side eye lol)  but the lowest I have ever been is 134lbs.   I like 138lbs though. Good weight for me. Anyways……………………… they say the scale doesn’t matter and doesn’t define you. I can say that NOW. but back then,  it DID matter. It’s hard to tell people who is starting their fitness journey that the scale DOESN’T matter,  when I use to weigh myself every time I was about to shower. The scale is your worst enemy. It can make or break you ….if you ALLOW it to.


I tell people who are starting their fitness journey to focus on their HEALTH because the weight will eventually fall into place. Stop worrying about the abs, the toned back and legs, traps, big round ass, pecks, whatever it is you are constantly comparing yourself to and focus on your health. That’s all that matters. Best feeling is to not rely on the doctors office for NOTHING. Not only will it save your pockets on money but to KNOW you are healthy has to be the greatest thing in life!

And then once you are healthy— then squat until you get the ass you want and do a million crunches until you see those summer abs! *wink* 

Stop procrastinating and INVEST in yourself! you only have one life to live so why not start with you!

If you need help with jump starting your fitness journey I would love to help you!

let’s connect!

~  Health Coach


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