How Do You Stay Inspired?

This world can be such a negative source of energy. From the daily news to the negative family and friends that circulate in your life. There’s always a pessimist that can really kill your vibe or in other words be a huge DEBBIE DOWNER. It’s amazing how ONE person or thing can ruin your whole day or something you see or hear will put you in a state of worry, depression, or sadness.




This year I have found ways to keep myself inspired from surrounding myself with  positive people, reading personal development books, following inspirational people on social media, not watching the news as much, listening to great music, watching things that make me laugh, but most importantly ( and since I am a visual person) creation of a Dream/Goal/Inspiration Board!  This board has been my true inspiration because I see it every day. There’s nothing like being able to see the goals you want to achieve and going after them!



quotes-about-inspiration-003-940x500It’s important that you surround your Mind, Body, and Soul with positive energy. Try to be optimistic at times. Don’t always see the bad side of situations. In other words, Don’t YOU be the Debbie Downer because then you will find yourself BY yourself. You can’t always be the person with problems or complaining about EVERYTHING, or the gossip queen. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY wants to be around that all the time. I know everyone has their moment of doubt and negativity — it happens—- but we must keep pushing forward, keep your head up, keep inspiring others because you never know who is looking towards you to keep them inspired!  #DontBreakTheChainOfInspiration


So how do you keep yourself inspired?

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