3 Day Shakeology CLEANSE!

So I noticed I haven’t blogged since New Years and needless to say a lot has been going on eating wise. I think I have gained about 10lbs from post holiday/ Superbowl bloat. So it was time to get a  handle on feeling so sluggish!


It was time for the 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse!! 

Shakeology - shake pic


The struggle was real ya’ll!!  I felt so much bloat and overall not my normal energized and healthy self! So I have been drinking my shakes, drinking my water, detox water, and eating my sensible dinner and working out at least 30 minutes every day as necessary for 3 days!

Screenshot_2016-02-12-10-03-37Get ISh Doneday 3 shake


I started on Monday, Feb 8th  -Wed Feb 10th!  and BOOM!!!

Down -6lbs!  and Bloat is GONE!!  I feel so much lighter and healthier!  I would LOVE to introduce you to Shakeology!

Shakeology — is your daily dose of dense nutrition! FILLED with all the nutrients and minerals necessary for  your body to function properly on a daily basis. Aids in digestions, gives you energy , and manages your weight! The shake that I literally drink EVERY day. 


I would LOVE for you to experience what I am experiencing!

Email me! Essence.Williams1@yahoo.com

Let’s get you started on feeling healthier, stronger, and energized on a daily basis! =)





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