If you don’t Know me..I would like to know you…My name is Essence or Ess for short *wink*

Hello All I am a newbie to Blogging but I am excited about the ideas I have in store! I reside in Dallas,TX and I am 32 years YOUNG! I have struggled with my career/image/myself as a whole ever since I turned 21 and now that I am dirty 30 I feel like I have found myself! I LOVE fitness.


It took me nearly 3 years to realize how unhealthy I use to be and I didn’t take it seriously until the year of 2012. I took TurboKickboxing to a whole new level by going 4-5 days a week. I lost nearly 50lbs with TurboKickboxing. I loved TurboKick so much that I became a certified in turbokick …..have a taught a class yet? no…lol… BUT it’s a step towards doing what I LOVE and inspiring people to reach their weight goals. I have also been inspired to become a Team BeachBody Health Coach to end the history of obesity and health issues among people in our society today!

PicMonkey Collage

I’m not all about health even though it plays a major role in my life, but I love to travel, dance, sing, eat delicious unhealthy food ( splurge lol) from time to time, and I’m whiling to do crazy spontaneous things like bungee jumping, sky diving, zip-lining , you name it and I will probably try it ONCE….what can I say I’m HUMAN!! but I am very  spontaneous, caring, enthusiastic woman that adores LIFE and will continue to enjoy and do things that I LOVE!

Ess beach pic

4 thoughts on “If you don’t Know me..I would like to know you…My name is Essence or Ess for short *wink*

  1. Hi Ess pleased to meet you, you’re making turning 30 sound like it’s something to actually look forward to (I’ve been dreading it this whole time and now I’m 8 months away from 30)!! I look forward to seeing your future posts 🙂

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    1. AWWW—DIRTY 30 is AMAZING!!! Don’t get the jitters! Believe it or not 30’s is the developing stage where you REALLY figure out who your REALLY are! and once you do everything seems to just fall into place!

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      1. Thanks I am starting to be less terrified of it as I get closer – I think it doesn’t help that according to TV and especially films, women mysteriously stop ageing at 25 then vanish and are replaced by new women who are younger!!!!

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      2. Well you know the vision of how women are or should look like in real life on TV will always be myth. Not only are we vibrant in our 30’s but we have reached a level of maturity and comfort in our own skin! The confidence will show! =) I was LOST in my 20’s image and lifestyle wise…..I don’t miss it ALL! lol


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