Essence’s Weight loss Story

Now that we are acquainted. Let me share with you my weight loss story!! =)


I use to be one of those women who was big but “carried my weight well” as a lot of people would say. I felt like that was a nice way of saying “you’re big, but not THAT big.” I would go to the gym 3 times a week, doing 45 minutes on the elliptical, but still eating whatever I wanted to. I knew this was not going to get me where I needed to be and I tried to be content with myself but at the end of the day I was very unhappy with my weight. I hated the way my clothes fit and before I knew it I was 28, 184lbs at 5’3 wearing a size 13 and depressed. My doctor told me I was border line diabetic and I had high blood pressure and if I didn’t get it under control I would have to be put on high blood pressure pills.


July 1st 2012 was the day that turned not only my health around but my life around! This is the day I started a 7 day all fruits and Vegetables cleanse. I’m not perfect, I can honestly say I was one of those people who bought chips, cookies, and all other snacks you can think of and I’m not afraid to admit I told myself I would eat all of it before I started this cleanse. Who wants to waste food right? I know– Don’t judge me. So let’s go back to when I changed my life. 7 day cleanse and down 6lbs from it. I went from 3 days of 45 minutes on the elliptical to 6 days a week of doing 1 1/2 hrs of a combination during the week of Turbo Kickboxing, Body Combat,  Nike Boot Camp Classes, running 3 times a week, and incorporating weight lifting at least twice a week. I don’t like diets. So my meals consisted of eating better choices and smaller portions. Was I perfect? Nope, Did I cheat? Hell Yea! I mean let’s be realistic. And I am not the person to cook on Saturdays, so when I would eat out, I wouldn’t hold back but you bet your ass I would work out that day to shed some calories. My overall goal was to cut back Salts and Sugars and before I knew it I was down 138lbs, and wearing a size 9 after 1 year.


My blood pressure is now under control and I am no longer border line diabetic. Matter of fact my doctor was even impressed with my results! I am not where I want to be physically but I’m better and stronger then I was before July 1, 2012. My self-confidence and spirit has lifted tremendously even my friends and family notices it. (Let’s just say I take more full body pictures then I do selfies these days) lol! So I am now 32 years young and on a new journey of lifting more weights and eating more protein to obtain a more toned and fit body.


All in all if I don’t leave you with nothing else as you read about my journey, I do want to say this; THERE IS NO SECRET TO LOSING WEIGHT, JUST MAKE TIME FOR YOUR HEALTH. I waited until I had bad results at the doctor’s office to make a lifestyle change. Some people don’t get the warning before the end results of sickness or even death. So make your lifestyle change TODAY! And don’t forget SLOW progress IS progress.

Ess Before and After 5

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