Gotta Love Changes!!

I can’t believe how fast the year is going ALREADY. Normally in Texas we get some kind of winter/Ice storm but I noticed just yesterday that it was the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!


I LOVE Spring time it is one of my favorite seasons ( that and Fall). The flowers are gorgeous, the rain is calming, and I like the change in climate/and daylight savings.




Where there’s changes all around I happen to notice some changes in me physically and mentally. I looked in the mirror last week and not only was my FRO a little on the distraught side lol but

me I noticed some definition in my shoulders and arms due to weight lifting!    ( Body Pump Class)  I am the type of person that does NOT work hard for JUST the summer I work hard 365 days a year for good health. But man I noticed some physical changes and had to pat myself on the back! woohoo!!!


With that being said and my fro looking lop sided I also decided to change my hairstyle a bit over the weekend. I went and got it washed, trimmed, and flat ironed! I have not seen my hair like this since I was 14 years old ( SERIOUSLY). I love it. but as I tell everyone else, the moment I work out it will shrivel up back to my fro ( new growth)  so it was nice for a change to experience what looks like a short hair cut! =)  Not only do I care about my Health Lifestyle but I want my hair to be healthy as well. My natural hair journey began 3 years ago. It’s very damaged by weaves and perms….. so I’m proud and glad to begin my journey to repair!





And Lastly, my mental changes have truly developed in me as well. I picked up and started reading a GREAT book called Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting that I recommend by Lynn Grabhorn . It’s all about channeling your feelings/aura/energy. I am only severalbook pages in but I can tell you this book is going to change my LIFE.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Remember to always embrace change! It has the potential to better you as a person and make you feel amazing! Don’t be afraid to EVOLVE!


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