Family, Fitness, & Fun!

So over the weekend there happened to be a NATIONAL SIBLING’S DAY!!siblings_n

I CANNOT tell you how much I ride or die for my brother or sister! These are the 2 most important people in my life that I cherish and LOVE to DEATH!

They are supportive, they may me laugh until my stomach hurts, and love me unconditionally and I couldn’t go without recognizing them as my HEARTS!

jazz festAlso over the weekend my mom and I went to a Jazz Fest! Even though it got rained out I couldn’t help but to adore the awesome boutique, trinket, and antique stores that surrounded the area.

I picked up a few things for myself!

Lastly, It felt good to change up my regiment a bit on my fitness routine over the weekend! I tackled some Dirty 30 Fix and  instead of Turbokick  on Sundays I went to Body Combat ( shadow boxing/Kickboxing) and Body Pump ( full body weight class)  What a great change of pace and I am FEELING it today! but I LOVE being sore! Let’s me know that I put in some WORK! work out

Couldn’t attack these back to back classes without shakeo of course!

I hope your weekend was fantastic!

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