Join My Accountability Fitness Group!

Living Room Selfies are better than gym selfies!! Lol 😜

Monthly Accountability Group Alert!! Are you in or out?!!! 👊


What is it you ask?! – well it’s a group of people who have chosen their favorite program and are tackling their goals just like YOU!! They say it takes 21 Days to Make or Break a habit! So Every 1st Monday of every month you have a chance to go HARD and DEDICATED with us !! This will be an ongoing group so coaches and challengers are welcome to join the group!! T25, 21 Day Fix, Cize, Piyo and much more!!

Pick your life changer and tell me you are in for:




√Fitness Fun

√And did I mention Prizes?!!

💥💥Comment that YOU ARE IN Along with your Facebook name!! 👇👇 and I will add you to the accountability group! 

Don’t have a program?! Email/Message me today! Essence.Williams

Did I also mention summer is coming?!

635921501148567896926053572_Summer (5)

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