The Fear of A Leap of Faith

I’m at a point in my life and year where I am ready to take a leap of faith.


I have no kids, no husband, no mortgage ( I rent) , and nothing really holding me back or major responsibilities that would hold me back or think twice about it. However I have sunk back down to being so discouraged! ugh!

I start the would if this happens, and what if I fail? I HATE that feeling. Fear is an evil B****!


Believe it or not I am more relaxed then I normally should be even though I have placed a deadline on my “Leap of Faith” so I think that’s what makes it so discouraging but yet accountable at the same time. Nobody likes deadlines and here I am giving one to myself!

I don’t know what’s out there for me or what’s to come but I am just ready to live the life I deserve. I am ready to be excited in my career. And I want to change lives doing it.

Fitness/Health/Wellness….. no I don’t have a degree or certification in it but who says you have to? Fitness is common sense. People just need guidance. And I just want to assist with that. It’s such a movement and such a happy career that I don’t know WHAT outlet in Fitness I want to be in!  So I am searching all types of positions to see what I want to do for the rest of my life because once I switch it up I’m staying!13095755_1585211435127909_9216027060524167142_n

I am staying positive, channeling my energy to have faith and know that it’s going to be fine and I will discover what it is I want to do for the rest of my life. One thing I do know is I love being a Beach Body Health Coach and if it was bringing enough income for me to quit my full time job today I would. But it’s not, so  it’s like being back at square one to figure out the next step!


Wish me luck!



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