Change is good! ( work out regimen)

Have you ever been so use to your work out regimen that not only do you hit a plateau but you are just ready for something….different!?!

Well I am at that stage!



Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my work out classes. Body Combat, Body Pump and  Turbokick! But I think I have done so much cardio that my body is just OVER IT. lol. I have wanted a physique for so long that I feel it’s just time to tackle that GOAL!





You know how it is when you see people with the abs, muscle tone of legs and arms and you WANT that! I WANT THAT! great Motivation!

and even if you feel you have a long way to go it’s definitely possible!



Well I am on a mission to SWITCH IT UP!




I went to Colorado ( my hometown) over the weekend in which in my opinion felt like a mini HIKE ( not really lol) up to Red Rocks in Golden, CO and the scenery itself made me want to make some changes and be more outdoorsy!


When I got home I told myself ok let’s do something different!

I found a Track and Field and did a 3 mile run with bleacher sprints. I added some push ups and dips in between each bleach sprint and man I can feel the change in my body already! I woke up feeling sore in places I have never been sore before!










I am one to always tell people to Listen to your body even the majority of the time I am referencing to REST.  But this time,  I didn’t even take my OWN advice! my body was telling me to SWITCH IT UP!  June 1st my whole work out will be different and I cannot wait to take on some new work outs/classes/boot camps/lifting sessions or anything that  I find can enhance my body to a physique!

Keep ya’ll posted!


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