Back2Business! My 2017 Grind!


For a minute there I forgot I had a blog site! lol I literally haven’t blogged since May 2016. Terrible right?  Ok so what have I been up to?  EATING & Gaining 21lbs that’s what!  =(  UGH! 

I will say this though. I enjoyed these last 4 months of Holiday Fun! I’m talking from Halloween to Christmas to New Years to my Birthday ( shout out to ALL Capricorns!) to the Super Bowl from  Great times in Pittsburgh &  to relaxing times in Breckenridge, Colorado I had a 21lbs LOADS. OF. FUN! lol!!

Halloween .jpgXmas.jpg



So with that being said!!!  lol   I decided on a 3 day Shakeology Cleanse which was MUCH needed!!  and then went into a 21 day no junk food challenge! 


Glad to have lost a good 7lbs! So with my goal weight always being 140lbs! I had gone up to 161lbs. I know #DontJudgeMe   but with have losing 7lbs I am down to 154lbs. So I have 14lbs to go to get back to my goal weight. 

I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS preach that the scale does not define me. So I noticed a HUGE relief in my clothes. In other words my pants do not fit tight anymore around the waist! that’s ALWAYS a plus right?!  So I am happy to get back to my fitness journey and lifestyle. ( AND BLOGGING) The most weight I Ess Refresh.jpghave gained in my life is 184lbs –I NEVER want to see that weight EVER again! so Cheers to this 2017 Grind!!  Excited to get back to this LIFESTYLE!

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