Quotes of Inspiration- Black History Month


 As an African American Woman it is important to me to acknowledge some of THE most powerful women who have allowed me to be the African American Woman that I am today. There are SO MANY powerful African American Men and Women who have made such a HUGE difference in American History that I hope America takes some time to educate yourself and be thankful and grateful of CHANGE. We, as in Americans have came a long way…. and even though we still have to deal with the challenges of those that revert back to old teachings that cause harm, danger, racism, segregation, and hurtful practices. We must all continue to teach and educate those that simply don’t know any better by being magnanimous.

( I posted these quotes last Feb 2016 for Black History Month and it is important to me to re-post to acknowledge African Americans ( and quotes)  who have made a huge impact in History)

So Dreams….

Don’t be a afraid to have DREAMS. Dreams turn into goals that turn into achievements if you truly allow yourself to take on the dream with strength, patience, and passion. It’s easy for one person or something to CRUSH your dreams. Negativity is so common in people that it’s ok to separate yourself from those or an environment that simply doesn’t feed you the positive energy necessary to strive for those goals. But once you have a Dream you have to become a Doer. Anybody can WISH for anything. But it’s those that pursue their dreams are the ones that make a difference in their lives and others.


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Have you ever stopped to think about why do you do what you do? Is it for material possessions? Is it for money? Is it for your family? How do you feel when you’ve reached a successful point in your life? Or have been successful in something you’ve worked for your whole life? Do you feel fulfilled?

I’m asking you these questions because being successful at something should be the most humbling experience in your life.

If your ego goes up x 10 or you begin to look down on people, then I can tell you right now your success was to PROVE something to someone. You are still unhappy and still have not reached the level of what a true successful person should be or feel.

Success is rewarding, it’s a overwhelming feeling of being accomplished, it’s inspiring, and it’s motivating.
I know I’ve reached a level of success when I have inspired someone or motivated someone to simply do better. It’s all about making a difference and letting people know you can do this to. I am just like you and you can have what I have. I will inspire you, I will help teach you some things if your whiling to learn, I will help you reach your goals, and provide you some guidance, but you have to be the one that wants to put in the work to be successful.

To the ones that still do not feel successful yet ( I place myself in the category because I will always feel like I have yet to reach my greatest potential) — but you will never be successful if you are jealous of others accomplishment or happiness, if you crush someone’s goals, are a negative person, or pessimistic. Everything isn’t a competition. If you surround yourself with people that does quit the opposite of all of that, your mindset will reflect your outcome.

They say the dream is free…. the hustle is sold separately.

#LetsAllBeSuccessful #BlackHistory #MichelleObama #Success

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Do you sit and wait for your opportunity to be blessed or do you go out and and make them happen? Ambition is the word of the day. I am still learning what it’s like to be ambitious. I to, sometimes lay low, have insecurities, fear of failure, fear of overall the unknown……

Opportunities come and they go …. but I don’t think anyone realizes that opportunity is EVERYWHERE. You don’t HAVE to be stuck, you don’t HAVE to be sad and depressed, you don’t HAVE to be overweight, you don’t HAVE to be broke all the time, you don’t HAVE to be so closed in that you miss out on what this world has to offer you. You DO however, have to go out and MAKE THEM HAPPEN. Life is about CHOICES. ( My sister and I preach this ALL the time) You CHOOSE your battles, you CHOOSE to be either Optimistic or Pessimistic, You CHOOSE to stay in debt, you CHOOSE to settle in a relationship, you CHOOSE to stay in a job that you hate, you CHOOSE of what you make out of a situation. So when are you going to take this opportunity, this chance, this ONE shot at life to CHOOSE to live the life you deserve and be nothing but happy?

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A person is always looking for inspiration and motivation through someone or something.
Try being a positive role model/mentor/idol to better yourself through personal development.
You will be surprised how many people you inspire to do better….and who knows… your impact might be so GREAT that it could change the world.

#PositiveLife #PersonalDevelopment #BlackHistory #RosaParks

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