Try New Things! Change It Up!

So one of my favorite stores to shop at when I grocery shop is SPROUTS! They always have neat little unique snacks, protein bars, drinks, meals that you just can’t simply buy at a grocery store like Walmart.

I am always trying to find snacks in between meals that are different because even though I LOVE my ThinkThin bars every now and then you have to mix it up otherwise your body is like really? again?

so I went to sprouts a couple of weeks ago and found these Hummus20170219_141410_Film1.jpg, Pita Chips, Chickpeas and Feta snack packs and these things are nearly MORE than a snack. It’s almost a good lunch replacement ( if you eat it all). But boy are these things good. They have a variety of  snack packs that are made fresh that if you get a chance, it’s definitely a MUST TRY if you shop at Sprouts!

So another one of my favorite stores to shop at is Albertsons… and as heartbroken as I am this location near my house has decided to close for business *tear*  but they were having a huge sale on EVERYTHING up to 80% off. And I found these babies on the shelf! HAVE I BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK?!!!!!!   These drinks are YUM! Now granted NOT something you want to drink every day because the amount of sugar in them is not the best ( 20grams) and the calories in them are way high for my taste ( 210 calories) but if you plan on doing some high intense Cardio one day, GREAT pre work out in my book!20170217_074407_Film1.jpg

You must know that your body becomes immune to your daily regimen. So if you don’t see any changes, try new work outs, try new super foods or supplements that your body is not use to. When you are doing the SAME work outs every day your body is NOT challenged enough.

JUST yesterday I tapped into some Piyo ( Yoga & Pilates strength and stretch training) and over the past 3-4 weeks I have been adding some 15-20 minutes of cycle every now and then after I lift. I know I have shocked my body when muscles that are not normally sore……are SORE! …..So yes MIX IT UP !!!

yoga jpg.jpg

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