Perfectly Flawed

Happy Sunday folks 🤗

Perfection should be a curse word. Nothing wrong with striving for perfection…but absolutely not one person will be perfect…. Self love is so important. From your body image to your personality….if you don’t love you more than anything …how do you expect to be loved or respected?
Us women are the most emotional self criticized human beings on this earth to ourselves and to one another. We have insecurities about ourselves that we hide deep within or becomes more apparent through criticizing someone else. Someone is looking at my picture right now and saying my hair is too “nappy” or she has no “shape” …and so on and forth…and you know what I say that….your issues about me are not my problem…but maybe you have a problem with your own personal being. Stop criticizing the next person and uplift them. Or better yet find out what you lack and bothers you about you…and fix it. It won’t be something easy or fixable overnight but I guarantee you will develop a better positive aspect of life about it.
You can read this and deny that you have no issues with yourself and I applaud you for that. However everybody…men and women, should always find ways to better themselves.

I may not be perfect but I will.always be ME!



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