L’s & W’s

L’s= Losses

W’s- Wins

Well I know a new weekend is coming up but this past weekend was very up and down emotionally. I took some Ls and also took some Ws. To kick off the weekend KNOWING I had a 4 day weekend due to spring break was the highlight going into the weekend. That’s a W all by itself. ( For those who do not know me, I work  at a college. GREAT perks and benefits to working for a school. You are most likely going to be off of work when they are off! Nothing.jpg

Saturday – I worked out. GREAT 90 minute cardio turbokick to kick off my weekend. I normally weigh myself probably every 2-3 weeks and take progress pictures to see how my results are and boom!

before & after.jpg

My before & after picture beginning Jan 2017 to current- March 2017 was impressive! Although my weight has not changed much I can definitely see some inches lost. And the bloat gone. WINNING 

To continue onto Saturday — I try to stir away from Facebook as much as possible quote2.pngbecause I am all about the GRAM ( InstaGram) I log in all to see one of my BeachBody coaches had passed away. I was in complete disbelief. I spoke to her probably 3 weeks ago and couldn’t figure out why over the past 3 weeks I had not heard from her. She was always in my challenge groups, always supported me, very inspirational, and had such a funny sense of humor through statuses and postings and even though we were internet friends you can feel the warmth of a such a beautiful woman that she was. I must blog about this because ironically when I started blogging for the first time,  she was probably one of the FIRST people to like one of my blogs and not to mention she commented on one of my blogs asking to be one of my coaches. That’s how we met. From that moment forward for 2 1/2 years we had became internet buddies. I just wanted acknowledge such an inspiring and humble human being ….

So to Melinda Daniels- May you Rest in Peace Angel.

Sunday- I went to eat some Pho. LOVE LOVE LOVE Pho. I will probably be reincarnated and come back as Pho. lol. Some people may think it’s weird but I like to sit in the back of the restaurant , by myself. NOTHING wrong with eating by yourself. Gives me time to not only enjoy my food while it’s hot but to just think or plan my weeks. pho.jpg

Monday – I went to the All Day Spa!  When I mean all day—I mean I was there for probably a good 8hrs…….Winning….. that’s all I can say about that.


So a quick run down ……

Tuesday- Was appointment day. I REALLY want braces. My teeth are not horrible but the family teeth gap has to GO! ……. however after my consultation…does it look like I want to pay $7,000 for braces? Where do they do that at?

L  …

Went to my eye appointment. Anybody been to Americas Best?! They are pretty awesome! Great deal and promotion they have running which is 2 pairs of glasses and eye exam for $69. However, if you want contacts you have to pay $75 for THAT exam additionally… now I don’t know when I signed up to be a club member ( which is $99 for every 2 years I believe but I know FOR A FACT I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR  THIS) but when it was time to check out…. she told me I owed nothing but the cost of the glasses……. Huh? ……. hm….

are you surrreee.????…nevermind….. WINNING…..lol

Later onto Tuesday…. next appointment might I add…. was to discuss if I am ready to buy a house with my 1st time home buyer counselor…….overall I was told to wait one more!  year….. * side-eye to you lady*

L  …..

Back to Work on Wednesday, really no complaints here– because not only is the week shortened…but the students are still out so I was just playing catch up on a few things.

Get home to check my mail —- My acceptance letter into the college I currently work for was there. THANK YOU GOD! woohooo!!


So as you can see….. Life can be like an emotional roller coaster.  Like they say you win some and you lose some… but it’s funny that as much as I was winning I allowed my losses to take over my emotions more than anything. I finally woke up this morning …….and thought…..


There is always going to be ups and downs. How you react to them defines your character. Life is not meant to be easy by no means. You can’t always have your cake and eat it to. Sometimes the Ls we take are temporary. Sometimes they are permanent. Either way there’s always a lesson. Love the people around you that bring you joy. You never know when it’s their last breath. When someone tells you no, either find a way to change their mind or seek other resources until you get your YES. Life with hardships, battles, and struggles will only continue to make you stronger as a person. Don’t dwell on the Losses. Try to look on the bright side of things. Try to find the positive aspect of a closed door. Emotions of being upset, mad, are an expected reaction. You are human. But after you have sulked in sadness….Guess what? Truly doesn’t change the situation. So change your attitude and keep press forward. Sooner than later and every once and awhile…….

~ W …..

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