Monday Motivation


How do you  truly stay motivated? It’s so easy to tell someone to stay motivated and stay positive but how do you keep that good vibe and aura around you so that you don’t get discouraged? It’s sometimes tough right? With all the negative *cough* Trump *cough* lol media going on. Or maybe you have that one friend that doesn’t see the positive outlook on anything. It can be pollution to the mind and soul.

I am a visual person. I have to see what I am after and then try to go after it. That’s how I stay motivated. I do a lot of things on my own to clear my mind.

There’s no right or wrong way as to how you should stay motivated.

As for me, I like to wake up, walk into my kitchen , fix a cup of coffee, prop myself up on my counter top and look at my vision board.

and ask myself…..

Ess, what have you done today to take a step forward towards your goals and aspirations?

Ess, Is this what you are truly after or do you need to re-evaluate?

Ess, anything you see ahead that you want you can and will achieve.


That’s my inner voice as I stare at each and every little detail on my vision board. Some things I have tackled. Somethings I have re-evaluated. But I tell you this is a great way to keep my eye on the prize. There’s no deadline to goals. That’s one thing you need to remember. There’s going to be some stumbles along the way as to whatever you are trying to achieve and accomplish but for as long as you keep your head leveled, confidence high,  and protect your peace nothing will disrupt your mindset.

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