Lemonade Stand

I love all the sayings and quotes that come with this ” When Life Gives You Lemons……”  saying…… However,  the one that stands out the most is this one…….

Ask yourself this….

Build a Lemonade Stand.jpgDo you see the bigger picture? 
Do you limit yourself?
How big are your dreams and goals?
Maybe you are stuck because you are meant to be so much more.
Maybe you need to change your perspective and how you look/ go about things.
Are you seeing your greatest potential?
You have to figure out if you are the leader or the follower.

Too many people are stuck in their comfort zone. I know, because I can be one of those people at times. And sometimes we don’t see the outer layer of a curve ball that is thrown in our lives. It’s because we act out on the matter at hand and never make clear decisions on how to benefit from certain situations. ( This goes back to my Losses and Wins blog I did on Monday). Sometimes you have to take certain events/circumstances thrown at you with a grain of salt and throw that grain of salt onto a seasoned steak and wah-la! There goes a complete meal! lol I know that sounds funny but it is so true!

You truly have to ask yourself do you want to make

Lemonade or Make a Lemonade Stand?


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