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0e655c4d03f19dce24414b691bdbc77a.jpgWhether you agree with this statement or not it happens. All Fitness folks have a cheat meal or better yet cheat day. It’s what keeps us SANE. Yes we educate and preach on how we need to EAT CLEAN but we won’t act like we don’t splurge on the foods that we shouldn’t have. Saturdays are my days to eat what I want. Granted I put in some serious cardio action that day but I don’t cook on Saturdays. And when I eat out, it is NOT going to be a garden salad lol.

I will say this, when trying to lose a significant amount of weight I do think it’s important to stay on a clean eating track without the cheat meals especially if you are trying to see some real results, real fast. When I was overweight, I made sure I did not eat the things I shouldn’t. I was on a mission. When you are focused and ready to tackle your weight you will soon get to that point where seeing cake or pizza doesn’t have an effect on you at all.f68f3c0b9c13d4b8da61e574a624fcf9.jpg  You will be so disciplined that the temptations of food that are not good for you becomes so irrelevant.

I didn’t start to eat what I wanted on the weekends until I made the decision to begin  maintaining my weight. Sometimes your body is going to need that balance to put it out of it’s misery. So have A donut every once in a while but know to splurge on unhealthy foods in moderation. One thing I do know is you can not out exercise a bad diet. So if you know you are about to go on a vacation, binge eat, or have splurge meal always have a a plan ready for action.

And my go to plans are always to:

Drink plenty of water

Eat fruits and veges

3 day Shakeology cleanse




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