Happy Monday!

Well….I don’t know what your fit-family looks like but mine comes from all different shapes, sizes, nationalities, and backgrounds and I absolutely love them! Sunday we completed a 90 minute Turbokick cardio and boy was it tough,  but talk about being in a room full of SWEATY FUN!


I am one of those people who tackled my weight all alone. I was ashamed and embarrassed of my weight so I didn’t want any judgement. It was hard. But as I started attending more fitness classes and socializing with people who are driven by Health and fitness as much as I am, going to my workout classes ended up being the highlight of my day.

They push me to work hard!

If you can surround yourself with a motivating, supportive, energetic accountability FIT FAMILY,  I promise the workouts will not feel like you are working out. It’s fun, fabulous, and freaking amazing what you can accomplish with a group of inspiring people!


Only way I can smile through my workouts is knowing I have a support workout group going through the SAME thing I am experiencing and we are steady fighting for the BURN!


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