Stretching is VITAL

Good Morning & Happy Hump Day


How often do you stretch?

And I am not talking about a quick jump out of bed from a good nights sleep, reaching  towards the sky for 10 seconds type of stretch. I am talking about a good minimum 15 minute stretch? I have learned that stretching is so vital to the body regardless if you work out or not. Stretching has so many benefits such as flexibility, improvement in your range of motion, reduces the risk of injury,  and increases better posture. Like getting a massage, stretching benefits your body circulation as well as decreases a lot of muscle tension and stress. I am so prone to working out and then leaving my workouts without stretching to the point that that the next day, I wake up feeling like I have been ran over by a truck!  Funny thing is I embrace being sore lol. It actually makes me feel like I put in some WORK! ……But newsflash Essence and to you all that may be reading this…..NOT Stretching is NOT good for the muscles.

So when I do stretch, I truly feel like a new person. I feel relaxed, I sleep better, and I can do more in my workouts.


On my Rest Day(s) my go to is 30-45 minutes of Piyo or YogaFix ( from the 21 day fix). I think yoga has some GREAT benefits for those who don’t seem to like to take a minute to stretch after an intense work out. It’s not all about how well you can hold a pose.

yoga pose.png

I’ll admit I am NOT the best at holding those poses ( clearly) lol, however the stretch I get out of those yoga poses are beyond beneficial to my range of motion in my body. It’s my body seriously telling me THANK YOU. 

Here are some quick stretches that I found that can really enhance your body movement and flexibility!

Allow yourself at least a good 10-15 minutes of stretching;

  • Before and after workouts
  • Sitting for long periods of time
  • Feeling of any muscle stiffness


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