My 2 Cents on the Unicorn Drink


Okay. So I wasn’t going to go here because frankly I don’t care lol. However, I am going to add my 2 cents anyway about the Starbucks Unicorn Drink. It’s been several days now and I think the hype of it has finally calmed down. It amazes me how society is so critical of something that a company is SO excited about it. Half of the population really doesn’t care what the critics say in regards to the “Nutritional” Facts and the other half will continue to turn their nose up, protest, sign a petition, lol whatever level of extreme they feel is necessary to get this item off of the market.

First off. It looks good. I am not going to lie. Especially when you live in Texas and it gets up to 100 degrees. Will I try it? Nope. Here’s why. And it has NOTHING to do with the ingredients in this drink. IF and when I go to Starbucks, my go-to drinks options are black coffee, low-fat milk iced caramel macchiato, or for the winter I LOVE my Chai Tea Vanilla Latte!  I am very plain and simple. So I will not be indulging in the Unicorn.

As a fitchick, who’s weakness is SUGAR ( cookies, donuts, cake), I do try to be mindful on the ingredients and the amount of sugar that I put in my body.

The Starbucks Unicorn Drink Facts are as followed below: (I found this Nutritional info from the internet and since I don’t believe everything I read, I also went to the actual Starbucks Website and the Calories= 410/ Sodium=230/Sugar=59grams)18051731_10155202660219491_1758822589_n.jpg

Now granted this is a lot going on right here. The calories add up to pretty much my dinner calories. A lot of organizations state that the maximum amount sugar a person should have in one day is less than 40 grams. That’s in a DAY. So for one drink to be 76 grams ( or as the Starbucks facts state on their website- 59 grams)  and drinking this regularly            , which I hope nobody would, that’s enough to put someone in a diabetic COMA!  Another fact I like to look at is the Sodium which as you can see is high as well.


Now to the the people who criticize others for drinking this Unicorn Coffee Delight, h34e99db35ed81101e5f1f4730aca5e66.jpgave you every considered this factual information:

( Not sure of the accuracy of calories on this picture- but I am sure this is pretty close!)

Even if these items are drinks that you drink sporadically throughout the day,  are really not all that healthy either. Not to mention, if you drink more than one of these in your day, the calories, the ingredients, grams, all that adds up probably close to the Unicorn Drink if not more!

So at the end of the day, stop criticizing people who probably LOVE Starbucks, who probably have tried EVERY DRINK on their list, and probably were excited to try the Unicorn drink because it was something new! ( Damn you Debbie Downers right?! lol)  It doesn’t hurt to inform the people around you,  so that they are aware of TN_boy-holding-glass-of-cola-with-ice-cubes-clipart-1220.jpgwhat they are drinking. But if they still choose to still drink it, well that doesn’t give you the right to argue with them! It’s THEIR body and their money. Let them enjoy the moment. Sometimes it’s the little things.


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