2 -A-Days

So I have been going through a plateau with my body because  Monday -Thursdays,  I would eat clean but when the weekend comes, I eat whatever I want to. 2 a days.jpgNot saying this is necessarily bad because I am a true believer of cheat meals but basically my body is just balancing itself out. Well I still have about 15lbs I want to shed as well as gain more muscle mass. This week I have decided to revert back to what got me the results of being toned and fit. Probably the most fit I have ever been in my life.


                   I told myself it is time for a 2-A-Days!



21 day fix Extreme- 30 minute workouts in the AM and my evening workout classes in the evening. Now I know about the 30/70 rule ( 30% of your results come from working out while 70% of your results is what you eat in the kitchen)  and even though I don’t know how accurate this percentage rule is,  I do believe that this rule is very profound.

Eating clean through food.jpgthe week is a no-brainer for me, however I know I must revert back to the system of portion control. Society has taught people to be extra greedy and even though I eat clean through the week, you can eat too much of good food. This can definitely cause unwanted weight gain.


So May 22nd ( yes it’s only been 2 days) that I have started my 21 day transformation. Within that I am also allowing myself to complete a cleanse due to being so bloated as well. I can’t wait to see the results and be able to share with everyone how this program helped me a lot last year. ( please refer to my 21 Day Fix results page to find out more information about this program)

To sum this all up. I knew it is time for me to go harder than ever before. To push myself and not stop! So let the early mornings, late nights, sweat , soreness, whining (lol) , grunting, hard work, dedication begin!!!!!!!

work harder.jpg

PS- I am sore A.F.  lol



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