Food is Fuel

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial weekend.  I hope your weekend wasn’t just all about the number of barbecues and parties you were able to attend92e653003056846670841eff125881da.jpg. Memorial weekend is WAY more to that. It’s the time to thank our Veterans past and present on protecting and fighting for our freedom. Bless those that have given up their lives to truly fight for us Americans. Huge Thank you for that.



So Monday, ( On memorial day) I decided to start a 3 day cleanse called the 3 Day Refresh, one of Team BeachBody’s very own cleansing and detox program. I tried it once and I wasn’t too happy with the results, mainly because I think I was expecting more than losing 1.5lbs. So I decid3 day.jpged to try this system again to see if perhaps if I follow it with exact food measurements and choosing from the recipe items listed in the program guide that maybe I would get different results. I have already been eating clean for one week already so easing into this would be a better transition then a shock to my body.

The first day was not too bad. I thought I would be hungry but I have been on point and following the system as I should. I am only on Day 2 ( today) so I will be sure to update everyone with results by the weekend.



From what I have learned in my past of losing nearly 50lbs of weight is that you have to eat clean as much as possible in order to feel and be at your best when it comes to your health. There is so much going on in the world that it seems like everything we eat now seems to cause cancer these days. Fried foods rises your cholesterol and blood pressure while too much d12f16226e8d592fae1ba4e2faea007c.jpgsugar spikes your blood sugar level which could lead to diabetes. People go to the doctor hoping for the BEST results when most people know they do not eat healthy. I know, because I have been there. I waited for the doctor to tell me I was nearly diabetic before I changed my life. Am I perfect and eat clean 100% of the time now? Absolutely not. But I am mindful of the consumption of foods I put in my body that was the root of an unsatisfied doctor’s report. If doctors would be honest and inform clients to eat THIS and not THAT instead of taking all of their client’s money by prescribing pills I think the world’s obesity rate would decrease. A lot of this is common sense. However, we will not blame doctors for the amount of food and the kind of foods that we ( clients) consume. It’s our responsibility to take care of our own bodies. So either you are going to fuel your body with the necessary minerals and nutrients needed or you will slowly poison your body until your body shuts down or something is not working properly. Besides…..It’s your body. Your Choice. Right?







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