Insecurely Eating

It’s interesting to me on how some women cannot be comfortable enough to eat how we want to and how much we want to other-girls-i-cant-eat-in-front-of-guys-me-6769748.pngin front of men or people in general.

You cannot be insecure that you are on a date, hungry A.F., but you don’t want that man ( or anybody)  to look at you some type of way or feel like you are being “greedy” so you decide to order rabbit food. Ladies, if you cannot eat what you want and how much you want in front of a man, then that man is not right for you. And if he sits there and judges you, well then he REALLY isn’t right for you. Same for you ladies. Men can hold some groceries. So if he orders a steak, fish, salad, rolls, and appetizers are wings don’t judge him.

I know as a fitchick my metabolism is ridiculous so I can seriously eat every 2-3hrs. And if it’s a cheat meal day well you might as well say this picture is me all day.

                                            Don’t starve yourself to be pretty for NOBODY.


anorexia-and-bulimia-word-cloud-concept.jpgI do know there are some underlying issues as to why people in general don’t eat in front of anybody at all. That’s an eating disorder that I wish never existed. I don’t know too much about eating disorders such as people suffering from being Bulimic or Anorexic but I do know this is a medical issue that goes deeper beyond ” not wanting to look cute in front of people.”  It’s so deep that it takes control of a person emotionally, physically, and can even lead to death.  I wish everyone knew how beautiful they really are. Life can be really difficult at times and people can really be judgmental, cruel, and truly not supportive of why people suffer through eating disorders. It’s an ignorance that people choose to not understand and instead choose to judge. I don’t know anybody with an eating disorder but in a way I do feel like when people eat whatever the hell they want to on a consistent basis, KNOWING what they are eating is harmful to their body IS an eating disorder. It’s truly an Addiction to food. Your feeding a disease that is slowly developing in your body which I’m sure is 99% Cancerous. I’ve had that “Addiction to food” disorder. And it’s not so much as the disorder of Gluttony because I did not overindulge, however KNOWING what I was eating and KNOWING it was harmful to my body but still eating freely every day is truly a disorder…. in my opinion anyways.

I am all about helping people especially when it comes to fitness/wellness/Self-Esteem. I found some very helpful tips online of Dos and Don’ts ( supported by Anand.Org) of helping people who may suffer from eating disorders.

And this leads me to my next blog about Body Shaming/Image/Self-Love………..






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