The Bounce Back Is Real!

Why is it SO hard to bounce back into your workout and eating healthy routine after a vacation?! ugh! Not to mention Summer is here so temptations are everywhere right?!


2 weeks ago I went to Washington, DC for the first time and man did I have a BLAST! The history, the sites, and let’s not even mention the FOOD there was simply incredible!!!


There was a restaurant in Maryland ( which is where we stayed) called BeClaw that was so good that we went and ate there TWICE. And of course I got the SAME thing twice which was loaded FRIED seafood platter. You get 2 fried fish, 2 fried oysters, 2 fried calamari, 2 fried scallops and FRENCH FRIES! and OMG was it GREAT!Bad Food.jpg


And then I come back to this! lol



Not saying anything bad about it but what a rude awakening and the struggle/bounce back to reality of needing to get back to eating healthy has been REAL. And let’s not even get on the workouts! lol.




Like they say you eat like sh*t, you will feel like sh*t. That’s why I do believe in balance and eating in moderation. Vacations are tough because what should be cheat meals turn into a cheat WEEK! ( or however long your vacation is). I will say this we did get some good walking in. We literally walked EVERYWHERE and we sweat like no other! So I don’t feel too bad with what I ate. Besides, it was all WORTH it.


But back to the GRIND!!!

And I LOVE these ways to not beat yourself up about having a GREAT TIME and eating great food! Just get yourself back on track!!





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