Food Documentaries

I absolutely love Food documentaries. And some of my favorite documentaries that I have seen thus far are; Hungry for Change & Fed Up. These documentaries are so transparent and raw that it really makes you think about what you are actually feeding yourself and your kids on a daily basis.

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I decided to watch a new documentary on Netflix called ” What the Health,”  which is a documentary about diets and diseases that develop in the body to which is generated by the foods that we eat. The documentary left me so speechless. Kip Andersen which is the Film Maker and Interviewer in this documentary truly digs deep and investigates Health Organizations.


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I cannot believe the audacity of such money hungry organizations that we depend on for support to BETTER our health and find a cure are part of, if not THE problem. The perfect example of what I mean by this was mentioned by the famous Steve-O from the show Jackass in which was interviewed in the documentary as well. He stated that the problem we are facing today is like having alcohol at an AA meeting. That simple statement sums up the entire documentary. The lies, secrecy, and the hidden agendas behind these so-called trusted agencies and organizations are driven and controlled by the one and only ……. the government. I know,  it’s so easy to blame the government for everything but come on. I watched and witness an interview to what should have been a simple answer to a simple question.

” If processed food is the core of contributing to cancer why do you have recipes on your website that require processed food & ingredients?”

…………………………… flat line………………………

And that folks, was a question directed to one of the CEOs of an organization like the American Cancer Association. All for the CEO to cut the interview and say he will not respond or argue with such nonsense. First of all, the interviewer, Kip Andersen,  asked a simple question. He was very professional. And had every right to ask that question. So you storm off of the interview? Suspect right?

All on all, because I don’t want to get too deep into quoting the whole movie, I advise everyone to tune into some of the documentaries that are put out there by a lot of Public Health, non-money hungry ,PSA , knowledgeable minded doctors and wellness experts. These documentaries will truly shed some light on some preventatives of chronic diseases that society has manifested.


It’s only a matter of time before people either wake up and realize they don’t have to be on medication, they can just simply watch what they are eating for an extended long living health life or the life expectancy will change from 65-75 to about

45-55. Why in the hell would you want 10-15 years shed from your life because of FOOD?!  Change how/what you eat folks. In my favorite saying that I like to say all the time you must STAY WOKE!


More Food documentaries to add to your watch list!


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