Sauna Diaries

So I was sitting in the Sauna yesterday and I promise there is always some crazy conversation going on right? This guy turned to me , and don’t worry it’s a guy that I know that is always in the sauna ALWAYS starting some kind of crazy convo, but he turned to me and the first conversation started off with;

” So what the hell are they doing to R. Kelly? Why are they exploiting him again over this child sex trafficking mess? ”

Then the next conversation was, ” I can’t believe Black Chyna and all that is going on with her. She is crazy, she is this and she is that.”

Then the next conversation was, “Who do you think is going to win the fight with Mayweather and McGregor?”

Then the last conversation was, ” Why are they exploiting Ezekiel Elliott ( Running Back from the Dallas Cowboys)?”

FYI- I truly am not making this up…. these were the topics of discussion in the Sauna …..

OK * in my mind I’m thinking*  Soooooo  we are really going to talk about all of this right now? When I can barely breathe in this 190 degree Sauna? It’s hot. I just finished 2 work outs ( Body Pump & Cycle). Okay,  let me engage,  because I love being social depending on the topic of discussion.

R Kelly – Honestly. I don’t keep up with R. Kelly. I didn’t know he was in the news again. I will say his 12 play cd is probably one of his best cds though! So if you want to talk about his music and how dope his musicality is as an artist,  let’s talk about it,  because when it comes to his life, I truly don’t care. That man is 50 years old. And we have been hearing about his mess since I was like 15. So…….. chances are it’s either all true or allegations. Either way. I don’t care.



Black Chyna- who is she? I am not being funny. I literally just googled her and although she is a very beautiful young lady, who is she? I listen to the radio ( Rickey Smiley) every morning on the way to work and I always hear her name. Is she on one of those house wife shows? Star basketball player’s girlfriend or famous artist’s girlfriend? Side chick? or another Kim Kardashian? Sorry,  I couldn’t engage in this topic.


Mayweather & McGregor Fight –  Not too sure on the hype of this fight. I don’t know who McGregor is either. But face it. It’s all about the money. And Mayweather is not going to come out of retirement to lose! So spend your $100 if you want to and don’t look at me crazy if and when I show up with a bag of chips and some salsa to watch the fight either lol!!. But Mayweather is a defensive fighter and he is not going to lose. But MGM Grand Casino Hotel in Las Vegas and HBO is overly thankful for this money contribution. Money makes the world go around and I’m glad the fans are entertained! I am actually a little entertained myself !  *wink*


Eziekel Elliott— Sorry but during the off season, paparazzi really need to stay out of these athlete’s personal lives. Nobody is perfect. But that’s what happens when you give a 21 year old millions of dollars. They are set out to do some dumb sh*t out in the open and in the public eye. There are nearly 100 players on the Cowboys Roaster and all other teams, and you are telling me only ONE of the players , star player at that, is acting out and wilding out?  Hm.  Okay.  Besides, who cares about the Cowboys?  It’s all about Steeler nation anyways! lol #Got6?




All in all folks, stop getting caught up in the media with all of this unnecessary drama they are reporting. They will come up with anything to keep you entertained. Go travel the world for crying out loud! lol Stop getting caught up in all of this nonsense because that’s what exactly it is. But if you feel the need to be entertained. Who am I to judge? lol……..carry on…..





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