I believe in affirmations and speaking LIFE into your mindset. Some people, I don’t think realize how negative they are until it is addressed. And then when you tell them about themselves they feel like it is an attack on their character when really it’s whole-heartedly pointing out the obvious. The energy and vibe is completely off putting. Sometimes you have to let those people sulk in their realm of pessimism. And even though you may love that person dearly, you really have to protect your peace. And don’t get me wrong it’s easy to fall into negativity & doubt. It’s human, it’s natural, and honestly sometimes it’s just being realistic. But make it temporary. Overthinking can¬†definitely lead into thinking the worst outcomes on certain events happening in your life. I do it all the time. I do, however, try to keep myself uplifted. Personal growth & development along with healthy relationships are essential to your mind, body, and soul.






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