It’s Football Season!



Well I don’t know about you all but I always get excited when it’s football season!

I live in Texas- Cowboy nation so you can only imagine how annoying sometimes it can be living here when you are a HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers fan. lol

But on top of all that, when it’s football season, that means it’s almost the Fall as well. Summer is cool, but when you live in Texas it just gets WAY too hot!

So. I always have people ask me how the hell did I become a Steelers fan especially being born in Texas but raised in Colorado? Why am I not a Cowboy or Broncos Fan? The answer is simple. Why the hell would I want to be?! lol. No seriously. For as long as Jerry Jones is owner of the Cowboys I would NEVER be a Cowboy’s fan. And face it Jason Garrett is SOFT as a coach. And don’t get me started on the replica of Dez Bryant, it’s like having another Terrell Hot-Headed Owens on the field. People call that passion, I call it a ball hog, whining,  & crying, egotistical HOT MESS. Can he ball?! ABSOLUTELY! When he is not screaming at his QB or coach.

Not to mention….blue is not my color lmao! ( irrelevant).

Now the Broncos, I can cut them some slack. Peyton Manning was one of my favorite players in the league. And when Emmanuel Sanders, previous player for the Pittsburgh Steelers was let go and started playing for the Denver Broncos,  I was like oh snap! But growing up I couldn’t STAND Mike Shanahan & Jay Cutler. At the time of me choosing the team that I liked, they were on the field. So they lost a fan a while ago.


So why the Steelers? If you knew my dad, my dad BLEEDS Black and Gold. And even though growing up, my dad was a Detroit Lions, Raiders, and Steelers fan, he watched the Steelers more than any other team. Now I, at the time, didn’t know too much about football. So this was the team I watched. This was the team that taught me the game. Eventually I grew to learn and love the players & coaches like Bill Cowher and his aggression of forming such an elite team but also my favorite player became THE BUS. LOOOOVVVEEEDDD Jerome Bettis. My go to line was “Just give it to the bus!!” Talk about high quality and well performed players like Hines Ward, Troy Polomalu, Heath Miller! Did I mention I work at the University of North Texas so I think it was destiny to know that the Mean Joe Greene graduated and made his mark for the Steelers!

So yes, call me a bandwagon fan if you want, I don’t care!  but let it be known that I didn’t become a bandwagon fan when the Steelers won in 2006 and 2009. It was all BEFORE that. I couldn’t have chosen THE best team in the league!

I love that they have only had 3 coaches.



That’s loyalty. I love the respect they have for their veterans. What I mean by that is take James Harrison for example. This man is damn near 40 and still on the field. I LOVE the Steelers. The caliber of this team is so passionate, dedicated, and the loyalty of the fans is EVERYTHING. The cowboys can have the title of Americas team. The Steelers are the WORLD’S team.

So Yay to football season!! and Good Luck to your team because Steelers are going to get #7 before Ben retires.! Mark My Words!! *wink*Steeler1.jpg



5 thoughts on “It’s Football Season!

    1. Eh! It’s not Bryant I am worried about! I need Ben to stay healthy enough to push us through the season! He may be tough but he is NO spring chicken! lol The 3 Bs ( Bell ( hoping he signs his contract), Ben, and Brown on the field) is truly all we need to make it to the playoffs and take #7!!! It’s all about a healthy defense and healthy key players!

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      1. You’re absolutely correct. Also when healthy, they can’t underachieve in the big games. I want them to succeed. Too much talent not to get it done.


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