My Name is Essence, And I am An Introvert


introverts.jpgSo what is an Introvert? Googling this word the dictionary states that it is a shy, reticent person. Meaning a person who does not reveal one’s thoughts or feelings readily. The synonyms are reserved, withdrawn, different, and shy.

I can agree with this. In my own words I can say that an introvert is someone who likes to be alone or perhaps LEFT alone sometimes. Now people get this confused. I love social interactions. I can hold an intellectual conversation. And I do love to go places/travel. I love to do spontaneous things with people! BUT,  I also like space. I don’t like too many people at my house for long periods of time. (lol) I like doing things by myself at times. I LOVE spending my weekends in the house! I’m a homebody that will binge watch tv all day long if I could. ALONE though. lol. I am a very open person but at the same time I am very reserved and like to keep my feelings and emotions to myself.  I know. Contradicting. But this also doesn’t help that I am a Capricorn. ( But we wont talk about zodiac signs right now even though I find astronomy fascinating!)

I truly believe that this is why people don’t GET ME. And that’s ok.  I can be very misunderstood and described as a person who “doesn’t care” or seem unbothered, or someone without an opinion or just flat out uninteresting.

images.jpgIt will take a special person to really be able to truly know and understand my ways and be able to adapt to my personality. So we won’t even go into how long I have been single! Ha!


Anyways. Do not confuse introverts as anti-social. Introverts like to enjoy their solitude and can very much have fun all by themselves. But don’t think we don’t need people in our lives. We enjoy company.  And we want to be loved just like the next person. We are actually GREAT listeners because we actually prefer to hear someone else talk about themselves if it forbids us to have to talk about ourselves.  We observe well. We like People. We REALLY do! But not all the time. Sometimes we even love cancelled plans because we hate that we committed to it in the first place. But if it’s not cancelled, we will show up and you would never know that we wished you had cancelled it because we will probably be the life of the party and enjoying ourselves the most. lol.

f0c9b662bdd82ea01c74cc90fc80be9e--introvert-quotes-aquarius.jpgI know I have laughed throughout writing this blog several times because I can think of so many scenarios with friends, family, and even people that I have dated that truly would showcase on how much of an introvert I am. But I am okay with being different or awkward if that’s how you view me.





So high-five to extroverted people. I don’t despise you at all. More power to you for being the social butterfly.

To all of my introverts. If nobody else gets you,  I do. *wink*

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