It’s so easy to throw up a sign that says Pray for Houston and carry on with your life. But looking at the endless pictures of floods, rising waters up to buildings and trees, the rescues, the death toll, the videos of people losing EVERYTHING needs more than a sign that says PRAY FOR HOUSTON.



I don’t know why this is affecting me so much and it bothers me on how many people right here in Dallas are so UN-BOTHERED.  Houston is the sister state to Dallas and is only 3 hours away from where I live. Dallas may not be on the coast but I can’t seem to stop putting myself in the shoes and lives of these people losing EVERYTHING.


I live right near a lake on the 3rd floor of my apartment building. I watched a video of a young lady living on the 3rd floor as well of her apartment building and the water had already reached the 2nd floor. I CANNOT IMAGINE THE TERROR.



It’s so easy to carry on with your life when a situation doesn’t affect you at all. And I know there are MANY weather related disasters, terrorist attacks, and a lot of HORRIBLE things that go on in the world. And people say not to flood your mind with these images because it is damaging to your soul. But aside from that, we are human, and sometimes you have to put yourself in other people’s shoes because if it DID happen to you, you would want someone to understand and HELP as much as they can. Stop for a moment, put your petty situations aside for moment, and show some compassion for these folks who did not see this coming at all. NO preparation, NO warning, but a life changing disaster that has affected many people’s lives in 36 hours.

I don’t have much to give. And I don’t need need any credit or recognition of giving. But I am glad I was able to give what I could.

So if you are wondering how you could help. Check the local shelters, social media, red cross, GoFund Me sites, and there are A LOT of celebrities that are putting together ways to either give or help.

Just put in some effort to help and think about if this happened to you.

You want to make America great again, Help Each other.


Sites With Info:


One of my faves – Rickey Smiley

Mad Hatta Gives Updates On Hurricane Harvey In Houston And How You Can Help [EXCLUSIVE]

If you want to help donate by going online to the Red Cross website or TEXT Harvey 90999.

Also, I am proud of my school – UNT for stepping in and assisting STUDENTS who were affected by the Hurrican as well and you may donate by logging into:






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