Music Is the Voice of the Heart



6362372477233906751477734908_Hi-Definition-Music-Images-Wallpaper.jpgHow many of you feel like music is like the mouth to your heart?

I know I do. I love to listen to all genres of music from Hip Hop, to Pop, to R&B, to some Jazz. I love old school to the new school, classics, to the top charts. My FAVORITE is Neo-Soul. Those who know me, know that my favorite artist is Sade.

51+P4fdFbtL._SX355_.jpg I don’t know what it is about her music but it puts me in a place of peace, love, and hope. It’s comforting. I know it seems strange for me to describe her music like this but if you play one of her albums and simply listen to the fluidity of her music, it is truly soothing. Her lyrics seem effortless and the sound is like a breath of fresh air. I know, dramatic, but it just puts me in a place that seems unknown. Like a sexy, private, island or something! Some place so non existent! It makes me dream.

Everyone has that one artist or perhaps song that puts them in some type of mood. It can boost your adrenaline before a big game, work out, or even if you are about to step out! And at the same time it can truly unveil some deep and emotional feelings.

Don’t act like music never has had af3af454c85db072f84c1c4571b8bf5f2--music-bands-music-music.jpgn effect on your relationships! (lol) That’s what the Love songs and Break Up songs will do to ya! Songs will make you feel something that you never knew was there.

The Heart’s Voice.

Yes music can affect your mind as well. Like negative people, in can be toxic. I think this effects young adults more than anything. At a young age you can become more vulnerable to words/lyrics. But regardless of age it can also make you feel like you are in a bad place. That’s just how powerful words are.  As a millennial, I know I listen to more songs with substance these days. And sometimes that is hard to find.


However, Confession!  I do like a little Trap music every now and then! (lol) Mostly when I am lifting if anything! But nothing like a “LIT”, down south, hip hop song that makes you go extra hard in the gym!

But for the most part, I love the old classics as I grew up. I truly have an old school soul because I will put in some Anita Baker or Temptations in a heart beat. Music truly MEANT something back then.  Have you ever sat and watched when an old school song comes on and your parents start waving their hands, smiling, shaking their hips ( like they know how to dance) and then they tell you those famous words, ” You don’t know nothing about that?!” Ya’ll know what I am talking about! lol. Smh. That’s them reminiscing on a place they were at, the time it came out, and what they felt at the time of when that song played back in the day. I love it! It makes me laugh. But it makes them happy.


My point is, music can be so therapeutic. It’s such a powerful tool to express yourself. As it should be because it’s every where. So pop in your favorite tunes from time to time and allow yourself to get lost in the lyrics one day. It’s okay to reminisce as well, you will find yourself day-dreaming, thinking, laughing, and cleansing some feelings. That’s just the heart talking to your mind, body, and your soul!

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