Live, Laugh, Love

With all that is going in the world it’s highly recommended that we not take life for granted. Even though this saying seems cliche’ this is my forever life’s motto:




live.jpg                   Live –  Freely. 

It’s important that you live your best life. Live it to your standards, your pace, and of course the fullest. A lot of people take up so much of their life/time chasing money and success and not even living in these most crucial moments of our lives. I get it, you want to enjoy the fruits and labor of the grind. And that’s great when you are retired and 65. But life is happening right now. So take chances. Go on that much needed vacation. Go Bungee jumping. Buy that expensive handbag. Sit outside and enjoy the nature around you. Breathe.  The time in your life is going to happen regardless and you can’t get that time back. But you can and must live it happily and without any regrets.


               Laugh – Abundantly. laughing.jpg

Did you know when you laugh it’s a form of cleansing the soul? Like crying, the heart LOVES when you laugh. It’s like therapy. Do it as much as you can. Your smile is everything. Make sure you surround yourself around people that make you smile and laugh because the opposite of that is toxic. Life is so much better when you are laughing. So do it often.


9a2f6ba131fce92080e30d343d261640--handlettering-typography.jpgLove – Unconditionally. 

Like I mentioned before, life is short. Love your friends and family unconditionally. Make sure you tell them just as much as you show them. From tough love to passionate love. Let your loved ones know how much you mean to them. If you find love, keep it. It’s what the heart needs. It’s medicine. It’s addicting. It’s passionate. It’s fun.  I believe in love in first sight. So don’t allow people to dictate the time frame of when you should fall in love.  Your heart should always be protected but not guarded or naive. Everyone deserves to be loved in some form, shape, or fashion. Love without apology. Most importantly. Love Yourself. 


I know the ups and downs of Life. I’m living the same amount of minutes & hours that you are. It’s what you do in those minutes & hours that separates you from everyone else. Be in love with your life. Every minute of it. And even though they say the best things in life take time, who’s to say the best things in life are not right in front of you? Sometimes the most simplest and smallest things are the best.

Enjoy the journey by practicing these elements; and that’s

 to Live, to Laugh, and to Love.






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