Believe in Yourself

Hello All and Happy Friday! ☺

On Tuesdays, there is a hashtag and famous saying that everyone calls Transformation Tuesday and it was always something I use to partake in every week. And then I started to feel like everyone doesn’t want to see me every week ( lol) so I decided to give that a break for a while. 

This past Tuesday I posted this picture of me and the first things I said to myself was “Queen,  you have grown into a beautiful, strong, and confident woman.”  That’s not to say that I wasn’t beforehand. Beautiful that is. But that girl on the left was VERY insecure at the time. I was hard on myself. 


I know what it’s like to be;
-Hate my body
-Hate trying on clothes
-Giving up on a weight loss journey
The overall reality of like the saying goes “feel some type of way” about myself. 
I’ve been there. Nobody truly knew of these emotions. Pride can be an ugly trait. Don’t be afraid to reach out to ask for help to get started or need guidance on your weight loss journey. Get connected with fitness minded people. It truly can be hard to lose weight by yourself. 

I’m still embracing the journey. My weight goes up and down. But I am a lot less harsh on myself. I find myself taking care of my mind, self care, and wellness more than anything because you must take care of yourself mentally before you can take on a physical journey. 

I remember how hard it was to hear people say; 
Don’t stop, keep going…
You got this…
Don’t give up …
Keep fighting …
Or you should do this or that…or try this and that….

It was motivating don’t get me wrong but it was also annoying lol. Frustrating even. I can relate. Seeing all the perfect bodies was even more discouraging but know,  that those people keeping you inspired started where you are to. It may have been a different journey and goal that you currently have but we all had to start somewhere and stay consistent to get to where we wanted to be. It’s not easy I know. It’s not suppose to be. So keep those positive and inspirational people around you because if it wasn’t for those people keeping me inspired, I would still be where I was. Keep in mind they are not there to annoy or brag , they just enjoy the lifestyle and want you to be successful in your journey as well. I know that is what I am here for. 



It’s a must that you believe in you. And things will get challenging along the way. Prepare yourself mentally and stay focus on your small goals. Your only competition is you. 





4 thoughts on “Believe in Yourself

  1. I am on a weight loss diet now but sis, i am beginning to lose hope. those cravings…damn i am like let me eat that and restart again but i want to be a newer person and be more disciplined. seeing this post really brought my moral up. thanks for sharing this. it may be difficult but i will get there.

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    1. Yes I know what you mean! Especially during the holidays. Definitely have to find the alternative to those taste buds but know that it is truly all in the mind!! You got this queen!! Happy ( almost) new year!! May your 2018 bring you blessings on blessings!!

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