New Year Loading….


c0efdb79fb2c7942c4a9c7e01754d85e--dj-photos-year-.jpgI just so happen to be having a great conversation with a family member yesterday and a question she asked me really truly made me sit and think. She asked  me,           ” What have you accomplished this year and what are your goals for 2018?”

I want to address how important it is to have people around you that make you reflect on your life! If you are not having these kind of conversations with friends and family then you need a new crowd! I must say this year was amazing! 

Let’s see….. 


I made it to 33!! Not too many people are big on birthdays but I happen to think it is a celebration of YOUR LIFE. Not many people get to see their next birthday. So don’t be a slump and not celebrate your life. It’s an accomplishment! Considering I am a January baby, me being able to see another year and age really sets the tone for me for the year. So thank GOD for that! I have traveled to several places because I believe a mental break is necessary ( Montego Bay, Jamaica, Washington DC, Cozumel, Mexico (I’ll be going here in 3 weeks ha! ) , and Breckenridge,CO – might I add the snow cabin trip was EVERYTHING!) You have to escape your reality sometimes and by reality I mean WORK. Give yourself a break, clear your mind, and travel. It’s such a humbling, renewal, and refreshing recharge to your life. I made an important decision for myself to enroll in school to earn my Bachelor degree in Health Promotions.  If you are thinking about furthering your education. DO IT. I have learned that you are never too old to start over! I have been promoted!  I’m glad to know that my job loves me. lol. I have worked at the University of North Texas for several years with a little back and forth and in and out different positions, this will be my 3rd promotion.  Always do your best work! You never know who is watching! Most importantly, I am Healthy, I am Alive, and I am BLESSED!  

Which reminds me, there is SO much for me to be thankful for which is why Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday! SO IRRELEVANT yet RELEVANT to how truly BLESSED I am. 

So what are my goals for 2018?!images.jpg

I have so much on my mind and agenda that I don’t even know where to start! To see 34, however IS a start! lol. I want to start planning for Africa ( preferably Kenya). Africa is a bucket list for me. I am always going to travel to different places throughout the year, so if I could get in an Alaskan cruise as well those are my 2 major travel goals for next year. Finish my 1st year of college. It will probably take me a little longer than most since I am a full time employee but no excuses! Bring on the next semester. ☺ I am going to get more involved in my community. This world is getting polluted with crimes, disasters, and negative life changing impacts and even though I don’t live my life in fear, I do want to be able to help any way I can when disaster happens, homeless shelters need volunteers, and just overall giving back to the community. HealthySoul-Vibe!!  I imagine bigger and better things for this vision. Goal is to launch some community involvement for this brand in the upcoming year! Meet my future husband. I know so random right? But I am not getting any younger. He’s out there somewhere! lol On top of grinding, I am going to continue to live my best life day in and day out! To encourage those to STAYWOKE on their health, wellness, and mentality! 



So yes, the NEW YEAR IS LOADING EVERYONE!!  If you haven’t already, start writing down some goals for next year! And you don’t even have to wait to start tackling these goals in the beginning of 2018. Start tackling them now! That way it can be one of your future accomplishments! ☺










2 thoughts on “New Year Loading….

  1. I glanced at my 2017 vision board and was proud to see that a lot of items were accomplished or in progress! Cheers to you for remaining humble, hopeful, and positive. It’s coming bestie


    1. First of all! THANK YOU BESTIE for reading my blog. It means a lot to me! Yes OUR years can and will only get better and better! blessing on top of blessings! Love you!


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