Vibe The Soul Elements- 4 Pt. Series


As we are now entering into December 2017 and the year is coming to a close there are 4 elements that I want you to focus on and in my opinion should be the ultimate life goal for everyone.

First! Make this demand and affirmation commitment to yourself.

I give myself permission to be happy and live happily ever after.


The 4 Elements of Life:



Financial Stability

Peace of Mind


Over the next several weeks into the New Year, I want to vibe with you on the importance of these 4 elements and how you have the power over these components in your life. To me, these are important because I strive to protect my sanity at all times. The world and the people as we know it can drive you insane but ONLY if you let it/them.

The addiction to food and the easy accessibility of food can and will ruin your health. One bad relationship can ruin your views on love. Spending irresponsibly can ruin your finances. And negative outlet sources of the world can ruin your peace of mind.

Again, only if you let it.

However, make note that sometimes it’s not the world or the people around you. It may just be YOU. Yes I said it. And the first step is realizing that you may just be the negative Nancy that is ruining your world. It’s hard to admit it, I know,  but the moment you take ownership of your attitude and behavior that’s when things will start to shift in your favor.


8f2aecb21a96d24b5b4f7960f268ea6c.jpgI am NO expert however, I do believe that all 4 elements are essential components to your life depending on how you respond to each. Stress kills and there is nothing like being control of your life even when things spiral out of control. I talk about this all the time and probably sound like a broken record, but it is imperative to your well being. QUICK ESS TIP: I find being very private with these 4 characteristics keeps personal judgement and perspectives in a misconception about me. And that’s ok! I love to be an an enigma to the world!  But that doesn’t mean that I am not an open person.



Which leads me to openly express my views and intake on all 4 vital elements that should bring nothing more than a great deal of SUBSTANCE to your life and not bitterness or agony.

I hope you stay tuned!

In the meantime,  I hope you are enjoying your holidays!

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