Vibe The Soul-Element Pt. 1- Health

Hello Readers and welcome to Vibe the Soul, a 4 part series that I will be discussing with you about 4 elements that I believe brings a great deal of value to your life. I would like to strongly and openly express my views that may be interpreted as opinionated or tough love. This is only for your self-evaluation and to self reflect on your life. I enjoy all feedback and comments good or bad, I only ask that you be respectful.

If you have not read my previous blog about the 4 elements, please refer to the blog Vibe the Soul Elements.

Let’s Vibe about Health, the 1st

What is Health? Health is the freedom of illness and Injury. At least that is what the dictionary states and in my opinion is 100% true. Health effects more than just the physicality of your body but mentally and emotionally effects your behavior. It’s a major resource to life. So why do people not make Health a priority? Why do we have adults over the age of 21 still not exercising or eating healthy? Have you ever heard someone say I am not going to the doctor until something is wrong? That is unacceptable and detrimental to your own body. Annual check ups should be a requirement to step foot outside of your door just like having an inspection sticker is required yearly to drive your car legally on the road. We have to do better. And by better, we have to realize that health is your lifeline to everlasting life, to see your children grow, to partake in physical activities, and to enjoy the abundance of this life without missing a beat.d0989967783a3fc6fe7957a0d9ba8faa--workout-fitness-health-fitness.jpg

Exercise is a huge benefit to your physical shape but your nutrition and what you fuel your body is an important preventative of diseases. Nutrition is crucial to the energy, growth, and strength to your body. It’s vital. I like that saying, “Health is Wealth.” It’s just unfortunate that America doesn’t see the logic in this concept. I blame Food Corporations. I am not going to sit here and act like I didn’t grow up on McDonalds and Taco Bell. Where else could my parents go to get 3 tacos, 2 cheese roll ups, a chalupa, and a cup of beans for $7 all to feed 3 children for dinner? That $1 menu sure comes through right?! Yes it does along with the unwanted fat and calories.

o-TACO-BELL-1-CRAVINGS-facebook.jpgThe intelligent marketing of food and the convenience in transportation of food businesses like Uber Eats are making Americans obese and lazy.

unnamed.jpgWe are so much smarter than this. And I do believe that the more Americans become educated on food and encouraged by wellness experts and fitness educated people the more we become a marketing influence to the world. I have a respect and new appreciation of Food & Health documentaries. Even as alleged information, food documentaries all share some compelling insight and disturbing facts to what goes on behind the butcher’s knife and food factories/corporations. You can agree or disagree but America is slowly killing their own Americans all for a dollar.


Aside from a nutritional & exercise standpoint, let’s not forget how much the stress of daily life can also ruin your health. Stress kills so make sure you are balanced. Someone once advised me  that if certain people or events are stressful in your life, you must let it go. There’s no need to turn my life upside down to accommodate and welcome stress. 

                                                                                                                                                                                    So overall I get it, it’s hard to be consistent in your health journey. You create a yearly resolution or a set date to start your health kick and then for unmotivated reasons, you stop. You get too busy. You don’t have enough time. Or maybe you just don’t care about keeping up with your health. That’s your choice.  The wake up calls or life scares are not always a warning. In most cases it’s the end of your life. I just hope you wake up and realize your health is your life. The choices you make can and will improve your well-being. So make it a priority not an option.

My heart goes out to those who are born into chronic illnesses and diseases. Only God is the healing and cure. And I hope that one day, little by little every day cures are discovered. I am just one of those people who wants everyone to live long, live happy, and live healthy.


Self Health Evaluation:Health-question1.jpg

Do you think that you take your health for granted?

Do you know your health status? Family medical history?

When’s the last time you went to the Doctor? Dentist? Eye Doctor?

Do you exercise? If so, how often? If not, why not?

How healthy do you eat? (write down your daily meals for one week and then evaluate)

What’s the hardest thing about a fitness lifestyle?



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