Vibe The Soul – Element Pt. III- Finances

Hello Readers and welcome to Vibe the Soul, a 4 part series that I will be discussing with you about 4 elements that I believe adds a great deal of value to your life. I would like to strongly and openly express my views that may be interpreted as opinionated or at times a form of tough love. Just know, that this is only for your self-evaluation and to self reflect on your life. I enjoy all feedback and comments good or bad, I only ask that you be respectful.

If you have not read my previous blogs about the 4 elements, please refer to the blog Vibe the Soul Elements. Also, refer to element Vibe The Soul- Element Pt I.- Health & Element Pt. II- Love. 

Let’s Vibe about Finances, the 3rd Element.


Did you know that the Lack of Money Management & Financial stability are the leading cause of stress among society?  Money can truly bring out the worst in a person leading to financial debt and even leaving that person homeless. Money can also ruin relationships with friends and families and bring you down to depression if you allow it to get out of control. Money is like a lifeline to a lot of people. It seems like nothing in this world makes their world go around then money in their pocket. Have you heard of that phrase ” Money cannot buy happiness?” I understand, when you have money, you feel like you can make some financial plans. But sometimes those money decisions lead you down the wrong path to debt if you do not make conscious choices.  Time to make wise choices. Financial freedom type choices. It’s a stress free difference. Cash in hand is temporary. What you do with it determines your long term stability and longevity.  I will not front like my financial history was perfect. It wasn’t. Keyword. WASN’T.  Over the last few years I have learned that securing financial stability is the key to my economic growth for my future. Sorry but nobody wants to be in a relationship or business partnership with anyone who is financially unstable, unreliable, and irresponsible. So time to shape up! 

I want you to take this self evaluation a little early:WheretoPutAdMoney.jpg

How well do you manage your money?

Do you have a savings account? 401K?  Retirement Plan? Investments?

What if you die ( sorry the reality is, everyone is going to die) but is your family secured?

How do you spend your tax return money?

How many credit cards and loans do you have? Amounts?

Do you use Pay Day locations?

Last and Most Important. How’s your credit?



Any uneasiness to these questions means you need to sit down and truly monitor your finances. ABSOLUTELY NO JUDGEMENT HERE! Like I said before, I was never perfect. I even just received my first student loan and I am in complete anxiety mode. lol. But I will be fine, because I have set goals to manage my finances. 




So Quick Ess Tips and I am just going to jump right in!  No, I am not a financial advisor or an expert. Just speaking of past mistakes and experiences. 

Limit the amount of credit cards you have and utilize them responsibly. It’s not up to me to tell you what to use them for but if you are using your credit card to buy a $500 Purse, that’s not wise. Have Self Control. No need to eliminate them, you need them to build your credit. 

PayDay/Cash Advance locations. I know life happens. But stop going to these places to get an advance. I know it’s a one stop shop to fast cash when you don’t get paid until the following week, but no sense in paying back double the interest to the company. 

Debt Consolidations are truly not the best options to debt relief. You will find yourself drowning in paying back interests and fees.  That one easy payment of consolidation sounds great I know, but it’s not worth the amount of money you will realize you have paid just to be debt free. How else do these locations keep their businesses running? 

Check your credit report regularly. I always check monthly. Credit Karma is one of my favorite sites to utilize but you can always request your physical copies from each Credit bureau. 

Getting a Tax Return ( money back) is great and all and again,  I am not here to dictate what you spend your money on, but if you are in debt, why not apply that tax relief to it? 


Always Broke? Well sit down and consolidate your finances & bills and figure out where your money is going. Budgeting your money will truly take the stress away. You may find yourself spending money on a $150 cable bill while you truly only watch the news. 

College Fund/401K/Retirement Fund/Savings/ Emergency Fund. Start it for yourself and for your kids. I don’t care if you start with $50. Start it and build it. You ( and your kids) will thank yourself in the future. 

Lastly, if you can’t afford it. Don’t front like you have it. Everyone seems to be impressed with “how much money” and not “how well you manage your money.”  

If you truly need a financial advisor, don’t be ashamed to talk to someone. ( there is no difference then a person who seeks weight loss help needing a personal trainer)  Get the help you need to be stress free. 

 There are a lot of tips to keep yourself Financially safe, secure, and SANE. Just make sure you guard your wealth. It’s so easy for money to spiral out of control but if you practice good habits you will protect your future financial goals! 


I just want to see you travel, get your dream house, dream car, and be able to do things you want and need to do without financial struggle! 







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