Vibe The Soul – Element Pt. IV- Peace Of Mind

Hello Readers and welcome to Vibe the Soul, a 4 part series that I will be discussing with you about 4 elements that I believe adds a great deal of value to your life. I would like to strongly and openly express my views that may be interpreted as opinionated or at times a form of tough love. Just know, that this is only for your self-evaluation and to self reflect on your life. I enjoy all feedback and comments good or bad, I only ask that you be respectful.

If you have not read my previous blogs about the 4 elements, please refer to the blog Vibe the Soul Elements. Also, refer to the in depth element blogs Vibe The Soul- Element Pt I.- Health, Element Pt. II- Love, & Element Pt. III- Finances. 

Let’s Vibe about having Peace of Mind, the last and final Element. 


The outside noise of the world will try to negatively impact and disturb your mental state. It’s important that you protect your peace at all cost. I have blogged about the stresses of life that can cause your life to fall into distress, anxiety, and doubt. Health Issues, Heartache & love lost, and financial instability along with all other disturbances that are mental, emotional, and spiritually negative conflicts in the mental capacity of living your best life. People will have high expectations to have certain things in their life in order ” to be happy” but there is nothing like having peace in your heart that brings out the joy in your soul. You react to negative energy maturely when you have peace. Even in the toughest times in your life, your mind is at ease and your heart is calm. It’s tough sometimes. You get frustrated when you end up with the same results. You get upset when things don’t go your way. You worry when situations don’t seem to get better. And you lose it when you are unbalanced. Stop fighting your thoughts. Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. And that’s okay.  Peace is knowing that God or that higher power is in control.

3c8b1dd025f4c7d4289112a9959c7a9c--peace-of-mind-quotes-worth-more-quotes.jpgSurround yourself around the things that make you smile. For me, my peace and being able to free my mind, is my happiness. Simplicity harmonizes my body and soul. And being humble teaches me patience. Things align when I allow my mind to rest. I can be an over thinker sometimes. But I know that will only complicate my character and my decision making. Reduce the outside noise. And find peace that brings you joy! 





 I hope you all have enjoyed my 4 part series to the elements that are so meaningful to your life.


There are a lot elements that add value but I find that Health, Love, Financial stability, and Peace of Mind will keep your mind & soul balanced. I hope you go into 2018 ready to take control of your happiness! Be fearless & wise. Be strong & compassionate. And be focused & free spirited.

 Most importantly Be positive and  BE YOUR BEAUTIFUL SELF! 

                                                                           Thank you readers!!

                    Happy Near Year!




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